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Electromagnetic Compatibility: Methods, Analysis, Circuits, and Measurement. Third edition David Weston CRC press, 2017.


“A comprehensive tome, containing a wealth of practical information and worked examples”. John F. Dawson, University of York, United Kingdom.

I have reviewed many books on EMC, this one by David A. Weston, is the most complete coverage yet. The 1157 page book covers not only basic and advanced theory of EMC, but product design, commercial and military measurement techniques, and EMI mitigation . The 12 chapters and six appendices are well illustrated with numerous charts, graphs, and figures . It also contains ample case studies with solved examples helping to illustrate the concepts. In summary I would rank this text right up there with Clayton Paul’s Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (Wiley 2006)  or Henry Ott’s Electromagnetic compatibility Engineering  (Wiley 2009).  Kenneth Wyatt,  Interference Technology Magazine May 10th 2017.

Revised, updated and expanded the book provides comprehensive practical coverage of the design, problem solving, and testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in electrical and electronic equipment and systems. This new edition novel information on theory, applications, evaluations, electromagnetic computational programs, and predictions techniques available. The myths, misapplications, misconceptions, and fallacies that are common when discussing EMC/EMI are also addressed and corrected (see also EMC myths on this web site) . Available from Amazon.ca etc.

Many of the following papers are available from the Researchgate web site, IEEE Explore or from the Interference technology magazine.

Antenna to Antenna coupling On An Aircraft: Mitigation techniques
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Comparison of techniques for Prediction and Measurement of Antenna to Antenna Coupling on an Aircraft.
EMC Europe Sept 2011 pp 228-233

Antenna to Antenna Coupling on an Aircraft Using a 1/10th Scale Model with Results Compared to the FEKO Electromagnetic Program.
EMC Europe 2010 Wroclaw, Poland

Electromagnetic ambient inside an aircraft from transmitting antenna mounted on the outside compared to safety levels and radiated susceptibility test levels.
2013 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

High frequency calibration of the 41 nch (1.04m) receiving monopole with and without connecting counterpoises and with different sources.
Interference technology 2010 EMC Test & Design Guide.

A study of Electric Field behind Isolated Metal Plate in a Radiated immunity Test Set up.
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine Volume 6 Number 2 2nd Quarter 2019

Egregious errors in Electromagnetic Radiation Evaluation
David A Weston. Interference technology 2010 EMC Directory & Design Guide

Analysis of Lightning strike to an imbedded Electronic Enclosure based on a Scale model Test Setup
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine Volume 7 Quarter 4 2018

Protecting RF and Receiver input circuits against the DO-160 Pin Injection Lightning test
Interference Technology 2019 EMC Testing Guide

Determining Semi-Anechoic chamber Resonance as a Source of Radiated Emission Measurement Variation Between Chambers and comparing to OATS Measurements.
Interference technology November 15, 2017

Lack of Standardized Testing Leads to Widely Varying Measurements at Different Commercial Test Sites.
NARTE NEWS 8 Volume 18 Fall 2000

Potential danger in placing firework storage buildings and in firework transportation, close to AC power transmission lines.
International Symposium on fireworks

Exposure of shells with conductive particles to the high E and H fields under high voltage transmission lines.
International Symposium on fireworks

The danger of human body electrostatic discharge to shells with a composition containing metal particles.
International Symposium on fireworks

Circuit level design and test for the MIL-STD-461 200V/m RS103 and the DO-160 radiated susceptibility test at 200V/m

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By: David Weston - EMC Consulting Inc.

Circuit level design and test for the MIL-STD-461 200V/m RS103 and the DO-10 radiated susceptibility at 200V/m" is now available for download.

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