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Help Design EMC Into Equipment

In Band Signal Cancellation Circuit

When the interferer appearing in the signal (signal plus interferer), can be obtained from a different source minus the intentional signal (interferer alone), then by phase shifting the interferer by 180 degrees and adjusting the level to be equal to the interferer present in the signal

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Emissions From Cables Design For Reduction And Test

We will review the EMI Requirements to gauge the maximum level of  emissions allowed.

Review level and frequency of signals on interface cables and cable and connector type as well as shield termination techniques type.

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Susceptibility Of Cables To Conducted Immunity/Susceptibility, Fields And Lightning

We will review the EMI requirements to gauge the maximum level of  radiated and conducted  immunity/susceptibility test levels applicable.

Review  signal level and frequency of signals on interface cables and signal and power interface design to calculate  the maximum differential mode and common mode noise immunity of the interface.

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Power Line And Signal Line Filter Design Build And Test

AC and DC power line filter design with current rating of from mAs to 200A and voltage up to 440V AC 600V DC. Custom design based on power supply conducted emissions and susceptibility/immunity requirements and real world electromagnetic ambient.

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The Quick Look And Engineering Level Testing For FCC Part 15, mIL-STD-461, DO-160, FCC Part 15 and ENxxx. Localized E and H field Probing

Tests use calibrated test equipment in either a well damped anechoic chamber or open field test site (OATS).

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