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Analysis and Test

R&D Tests On Different PCB Layouts

Signal source and PCB radiated emission Test set up.

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Software Modeling

The analysis software available is NEC, FEKO and GEMACS as well as EMC Consulting Inc. generated software.

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Antenna To Antenna / Antenna To Cable Coupling Analysis

Antenna placement analysis and test . In-line antenna signal filters, in band signal cancellation circuit. SIMOPS table.

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Cable And Connector Zt And Magnetic/Electric Field And Plane Wave SE

Cable and connector transfer impedance and shielding effectiveness.

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Analysis And Test Of Enclosure Magnetic/Electric Field Plane Wave Shielding Effectiveness

The proprietary EMC Consulting software ‘EMCBOX” is used to predict the magnetic field shielding effectiveness of a six sided metal enclosure with or without rectangular or circular apertures.

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Equipment Self Compatibility Analysis

The design is reviewed for circuits and cables which are potentially sources of high levels of RF current or voltage and which contain low level RF digital, and analog signals.

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