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Emissions From Cables Design For Reduction And Test

We will review the EMI Requirements to gauge the maximum level of  emissions allowed.

Review level and frequency of signals on interface cables and cable and connector type as well as shield termination techniques type.

The level of emissions will then be calculated based  on:  Fourier analysis of signal frequencies , signal level (voltage and current). The common mode voltage impressed on signals based on grounding, Internal cable layout and PCB layout will be calculated  The  cable and connector Zt and SE, and cable length will be calculated.  The data is contained in the book Electromagnetic Compatibility : Methods,  Analysis, Circuits, and measurement. With this data EMC Consulting design proprietary  software, SPICE, equations contained in the book and  engineering experience and judgement will be used to determine if cable emissions will meet EMI requirements. If not, improvements to the design or mitigation techniques described in “EMI mitigation techniques”:  in the web site will be implemented. Engineering type tests to FCC part 15, MIL-STD-461,  DO-160 and ENXXX can be performed to verify the design at the breadboard or prototype level.