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Analysis And Test Of Enclosure Magnetic/Electric Field Plane Wave Shielding Effectiveness

The proprietary EMC Consulting software ‘EMCBOX” is used to predict the magnetic field shielding effectiveness of a six sided metal enclosure with or without rectangular or circular apertures.

At very low frequency the  magnetic field shielding effectiveness calculations shown in the book  “Electromagnetic Compatibility : Methods, Analysis, Circuits and Measurements” based on size and metal thickness are used. Likewise  different software described in the book is used to predict the plane wave shielding effectiveness of an enclosure with apertures.

As with all software based predictions engineering judgement as well as test data is used to validate the software results. With potentially susceptible circuits or circuits resulting in high RF currents contained in a prototype enclosure, engineering type tests to FCC part 15, MIL-STD-461,  DO-160 and ENXXX can be performed to verify the design.