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For signal filters and signal in band cancellation please see Aircraft  to Aircraft Antenna Coupling.

Power line Custom Filter Design & Manufacture

Filter Design and Build Capability

EMC Consulting Inc. specializes in custom power line filters which meet stringent and demanding requirements. The filters may be general purpose, designed for use with any switching power supply or designed around a specific supply. The advantage of designing the filter around the supply is that it is optimised for maximum performance and minimum size and weight. Filters have been designed for DC and AC power from 300A down to 500mA and for use on both the input power (+28V DC, 120V DC, 115V AC single and three phase as well as 230V and 440V AC), and output (+15V, -15V, +5V, -5V, etc.) power lines.

Filters are available in commercial, military, and space versions in tin-plated CRS, aluminium-milled, deep drawn and PCB versions.

Designs using high reliability components and for unusually stringent vibration requirements have been designed and built.

Input Power Line Filters

The input power line filters can be designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-461: CE01, CE03, CS01, CS02, CS06 and DO-160 sections 16,18,19,20 and 21 (conducted) when used with switching power supplies (50kHz to 1MHz).

For unshielded power lines these filters will also meet radiated emission requirements.

Additional lightning protection can be built into the filter for protection to DO-160C section 22.

The filters typically use a damped design to minimize insertion gain during susceptibility testing.

Output Power Line Filters

You can now use a switching power supply to power your most sensitive RF, analogue or instrumentation circuits. These filters have found use in RF and microwave receivers and simulators, as well as sonar buoys.

Our most effective filter will attenuate high level noise spikes (as high as 40V) and ripple (as high as 1.5V pk-pk) to an output ripple of typically 30uV to maximum 1mV.

Equipment wall, through bulkhead mounting or 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches x 0.75 (or 0.44) inches in height, PCB mount versions.

Current ranges of 1A, 4A, and 20A “two to three line filters” have been built to date with voltage rating of 28V typical.