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EMI/EMC Analysis

EMI/EMC Prediction/Analysis

Typical EMC/EMI Analysis/Predictions:

E field coupling through seams

Antenna to antenna coupling on an aircraft
Localized antenna to long cable coupling
Antenna to equipment coupling on a satellite bus and shielding required.
Emissions from cables in a MIL-STD and D0-160 test set up
Probability of equipments designs to meet MIL-STD-461E/ DO-160
Probability of equipments designs to meet FCC and CE mark EMI requirements
Emissions from and coupling to a custom designed PCB mounted in a customers enclosure
Lightning analysis on a large jet engine test bench
Lightning analysis to payloads and the SRMS in the shuttle cargo bay
Susceptibility of equipment in a composite skin aircraft to radar
Susceptibility of controls in a helicopter due to radar coupling through the windows
Shuttle SRMS Video and VDU and space station SSRMS EMC requirements analysis
Numerous equipment self compatibility analyses
Design of power line filter for EMI requirements and susceptibility requirements
Analysis of enclosures for magnetic field, electric field and plane wave shielding effectiveness plus many more on military programs.
Software modeling using NEC, FEKO, GEMACS etc.

Magnetic field (Inductive) and electric field (capacitive) crosstalk