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About EMC

EMC Consulting Inc. has an EMC Engineer, EMI test technologists, as well as mechanical engineering supportEMC Consulting Inc. also has contacts with experts in EMI testing and analysis who are called upon for corroborating information and advice in their areas of expertise as well as sub-contracting on large projects.

EMC Consulting Inc. was started eighteen years ago and it’s personnel have a total of 28 years experience in EMI and a combined electronic design experience of 30 years. They have the expertise to modify, or recommend modifications, which will result in equipment meeting EMI requirements.

EMC Test Facility

The recommended modifications are designed to be acceptable to the customer (i.e. are kept to a minimum, low cost, and easily manufactured). If a modification is unacceptable to the customer an alternative solution is invariably found.

We also own sufficient EMI test equipment to conduct certification/verification emission and immunity/susceptibility tests“near in” and open-field emission tests, ambient site surveys, shielded room shielding effectiveness tests, antenna measurement as well as conducted and radiated immunity tests.

We own a 3m and 10m covered open field test site where customer’s equipment is measured and compared to commercial emission requirements, such as FCC part 15 and European Norm.  EMC Consulting Inc. has a semi-anechoic shielded room where commercial immunity and MIL-STD/DO160C measurements are conducted.

EMC has conducted a wide range of analysis including: enclosure (with and without aperture) magnetic and electric field shielding, cable shielding, crosstalk, radiated coupling, cable emissions and susceptibility, and antenna to antenna coupling. Much of the analysis has been validated by measurements. We also manufacture a range of output and input power line filters which are described in the filter section.


EMC Consulting has an FCC Compliant Site and is a Canadian Space Agency and Bristol Aerospace qualified test facility.

Specific EMC Experience on Space Station, Orbiter, Avionic and related equipment

EMC Consulting Inc. has worked on EMC analysis, EMC control plans, EMI test procedures and has reviewed EMI test results on the Space Station, SPDM (DEXTRA), TPA, VDU, SSRMS, and other units.

We have designed the power-supply filter for the NEPTEC Canadian Space Vision System, the Neptec Tridar camera payloads on the CSA moon 9 Mars Rover, the CAL Corporation CALQUEST unit and the SPAR Aerospace EAS3000 system.

Likewise, filters have been designed, tested and put into production on avionic equipment to meet DO-160C including the 750V/5000A 500mS indirect lightning strike.

As an alternative to filters EMC Consulting Inc. has reduced emissions from DC – DC converters and switching power supplies by modifications in the design.

Specific EMC Experience with Shielded Rooms and Anechoic Chambers

EMC Consulting Inc. personnel have experience in the design and selection of shielded and anechoic chambers which include providing enclosure resonance effect evaluation, grounding review and evaluation of shielded room bids.

Technical advice on the selection of an anechoic chamber, technical advice on the source of poor shielding effectiveness in a welded shielded room.

Antenna measurements made in a 7.3m x 7,3m x 18.2m anechoic chamber. The measurements were used to locate sources of antenna errors and solutions werE proposed and implemented.

Shielding effectiveness tests to MIL-STD-285, measurement of shielded room resonance’s and incorporation of absorber loads in the room to damp the resonance’s. Later conversion of the shielded room to a MIL-STD-462D absorber loaded room and field uniformity measurements.

Specific EMC Experience on Commercial Equipment which is required to meet the FCC or EN5OO81-1, EN55O11-22, EN5OO82-1, EN6OO82-2 and similar requirements

Two examples of the numerous EMI problems solved by EMC Consulting Inc. are:

EMC Consulting Inc. examined digital electronic equipment for a company in Ottawa which failed FCC radiated emission limits. The equipment had been worked on at an open field test site for a period of one month whereas in two days EMC Consulting Inc. found a solution which the company implemented in a production version of the equipment. In a test on the same open field test site the modified equipment passed the emission limit with a 6dB margin.

One telecommunication company’s equipment, which is packaged in a non-conductive enclosure, and other equipment met the EMC Directive radiated and conducted emission limits but failed both conducted and radiated immunity tests. Due to fifteen years experience with military, space, and commercial aircraft susceptibility (immunity) requirements EMC Consulting Inc. was able to find solutions to the immunity problems on both units within five days.

In the case of the first scenario the cost of implementation in production was approximately $0.50 per unit. The second scenario required approximately $4.00 of additional components which could easily be reduced to under $1.00 when manufactured in large quantities.

Personal Experience: D. A. Weston

EMC Consulting’s principle EMC Engineer (D. A. Weston) has been in the field of EMC for 28 years and has worked as a consultant for SPAR/MDS/MDR (Ottawa), SPAR/DRS (Toronto), COM DEV, Lockheed, Litton, Hughes Aerospace, Telemus, Excalibur, CAE Electronics, MITEL, JDS Uniphase, DIPIX, Smart Technologies. Newbridge (Alcatel), Motorola, Telesat Canada, Canadian Space Agency, Nation Space Program Office (Taiwan), IOMEGA, COMPAQ, DY4, Square Peg, AIT, Precidia, Bristol Aerospace, Symbol, Itronix, Lumenera, Norcat, and Neptec.

In addition to chargeable work D. A. Weston conducts EMI analysis and testing purely for research. The results from the testing are used to validate EMC analysis and predictions and were used in the textbook Electromagnetic Analysis: Principles and Applications written by D. A. Weston and published by Marcel Dekker N.Y. 1991, with the second edition of the book published by Marcel Dekker NY, January  2001.

Since 1975, D. A. Weston has written 55 EMC Control plans, system plans, EMI test plans and procedures, 5 papers, as well as 47 technical articles, including magazine articles.