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Presentations and Publications

Presented at EMC Europe 2011 in York, UK, September 2011 “Comparison of Techniques for Prediction and Measurement of Antenna to Antenna Coupling on an Aircraft”

Presented at the EMC Europe 2010 Symposium in Wroclaw, “High Frequency calibration of the 41 inch (1.04m) receiving monopole with and without counterpoises and with different sources”, and “Antenna to antenna coupling on an Aircraft Using a 1/10th Scale Model with Results Compared to the FEKO Electromagnetic Analysis Program”.

Published in ITEM magazine May 2010 “Egregious Errors in Electromagnetic Radiation Evaluation”

Published in ITEM magazine December 2010 “1.04m rod, antenna factor and received level in MIL-STD 462/461E compared to MIL-STD461F test set up”

Antenna to Antenna Coupling on a aircraft: Mitigation Techniques. ITEM 2012.

Electromagnetic ambient inside an aircraft from transmitting antennas mounted on the outside compared to safety levels and radiated susceptibility test levels.
Presented at the IEEE EMC Symposium, Denver ,Colarado, 2013