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R & D Reports

EMC Consulting spends 50% of its efforts on R&D and many of the results are provided in reports available on this web site.

This R&D has covered:

Shielding effectiveness of a suit made from conductive copper cloth.
150Hz to 1MHz magnetic field coupling to a typical shielded cable above a ground plane configuration.
Radiated emissions predicted and measured, from a voltage source in a 0.15m section of wire, (simulating a common mode voltage source in a PCB ground) and the effect of an attached wire.
Transfer impedance of a shielded cable with the shield made from a Ni/Ag or Cu/Ni plated cloth tape.
Conduit measured transfer impedance (20kHz – 1GHz) and shielding effectiveness (1MHz – 8GHz) (typically achieved in the RS103 and CS114 tests).
Shielding a room using aluminum foil.
The “magic” of magnetic field shielding of thin conductive sheet with a relative permeability of 1.
Cable, connector and enclosure shielding effectiveness and transfer impedance.
Coupling to cables.
Radiation from cables.
PCB radiation from different PCB layouts and with different IC drivers.
Radiated coupling at microwave frequencies through a helicopter window.
Radiated coupling between a transponder and a spectrometer on the SCISAT satellite.
Crosstalk for TEMPEST and EMI considerations in connectors.
Efficient EMI susceptibility/immunity test antennas.
Small measurements probes.
Power line Impedance Network with controlled impedance from 10Hz to 1GHz.
CDNs and LISN for 3 phase 680V ac 200A power lines.

R&D is charged at $155/hr.