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EMC Book – Updates

A report which compares the radiated emissions from ten different PCB layouts measured over the 50MHz to 10GHz frequency range, as well as the level of emissions when compared to commercial limits (FCC part 15 and CISPR11/22/EN55022). This large report can be freely downloaded and will be available, in part, at the end of this year. The full report will cover measurements due to predominantly common mode sourced radiation at high frequency from microstrip, stripline and image plane PCBs. Measurement will be made with and without a wire connected to the ground plane.

This new set of measurements will use single ended and differential ECLinPS and differential Gigahertz LVDS sources terminated in 50 (Ohm) and 100 (Ohm). The source of emissions will be swept clocks from 50MHz to 2GHz and emissions up to 10GHz will be measured. These measurements will look at image plane PCBs, used for differential trace layouts, as well as different microstrip and stripline layouts. It will also examine the importance of via spacing in the stripline configuration as well as compare differential image plane to microstrip PCB radiation.

In addition to the very high speed logic some of the new 3.3V logic such as ALVC, ALB, LVT and 5V logic such as GTL and FB will be used, both with matched loads and typical unterminated high impedance loads. Measurements using this type of logic will use clocks swept from 50MHz to as high as the logic family will allow (150MHz to 250MHz).

Available now

Tips on terminating cable shields to an enclosure without a connector. (.pdf)

Transfer Impedance and shielding effectiveness of a Belden 8669 overbraid shielded cable compared to RG58 and RG214 from 0.25MHz to 12GHz. (PDF FILE)

Tips on grounding PCBs to a conductive enclosure. (.pdf)

Predicting radiated emissions from cables in the RE02/RE102/DO-160/SAE J113-41 test set up, using measured current in NEC and simple TX equations. (.pdf)

Can MIL-STD EMI requirements be met with conductively coated plastic enclosures? (.pdf)

Comparative magnetic field Shielding Effectiveness of thin conductive coatings. (.pdf)

Transfer impedance of a shielded cable with the shield made from Ni/Ag or Cu/Ni plated cloth tape. (.pdf)

Radiated emissions, predicted and measured, from a voltage source in a 0.15m section of wire, (simulating a common mode voltage in a PCB ground) and the effect of an attached wire. (.pdf)

An explanation for the “magic” low frequency magnetic field shielding effectiveness of thin conductive foil with a relative permeability of 1 (.pdf)

150Hz to 1MHz magnetic field coupling to a typical shielded cable above a ground plane configuration.(.pdf)

Shielding effectiveness of a suit made from conductive copper cloth. (.pdf)

New Report! Seams as the weak link in E field and plane wave enclosure shielding effectiveness. (.pdf)

New Report! Shielding a room using aluminum foil. (.pdf)

New Report! Conduit measured transfer impedance and shielding effectiveness. (.pdf)

New Report! Susceptibility of Electric Matches/ Electrical Igniters to ESD, Lightning and Electromagnetic Fields.(.pdf)